Mad Stab: Chain DriveEdit


Chain drive mad stab as developed by Paige Anderson on his "Flow "design.


The chain drive Mad stab uses a small gear and a section of plastic chain... taking the place of stab horns or pulley.


Another view of the gear installed on the stab pivot spar


Here you can see the gear, small piece of chain, and pull-pull cables


An example of a standard pull-pull setup on the servo side

Another variation of the pull-pull mad linkage setup uses a section of plastic chain, a gear fixed to the stab pivot spar, and standard pull-pull cables and horn on the servo side. As with the pulley system, the chain drive can rotate the stab a full 180° or more!

The chain drive has been experimented with by a number of pilots with various levels of success. However Paige Anderson, of Future Slope Designs, has refined the setup to a point where he includes the system in some of his slope glider kits... most notably the Flow . Paige has show in numerous videos that gliders utilizing a chain drive system will do single and multiple flips... backwards and forwards. He has put together a number of "how to" videos ... including how to install a chain drive  in a "Flow."