Many people have asked about building Le Fish with a two piece wing for easier transportation and storage.

As with everything, there are a number of ways to accomplish this goal, and the "best" approach to use will depend on the overall goals of your build.

Ultralight Build (sub 20oz / 600g)Edit

One great solution for an ultralight build would be the single spar with recessed wing root option as represented in this build by Roger "Cliffhanger" Brown of South Wales, UK.

Roger's build was for a 2m Big Fish (larger version of Le Fish) and changes would need to be made to adapt to an ultralight build of the 1.5m version of the plane. Those changes might include:

  • Smaller joiner rod (8mm or less instead of 10mm)
  • Thinner plywood or thin fiberglass plate at the fuselage and wing root joint
  • Aluminum or thin CF rod to serve as the capture tube, whatever was lightest

Midweight & Traditional BuildsEdit